I am trying out a course in the academe. It is entitled Quantum Agriculture. I am also boldly infusing other courses that I teach with quantum concepts. Colleagues have a hard time following my logic. It is simple. A concept may be presented in various ways and at different levels. Quantum concepts do not conflict with those already contained in a curriculum. They simply bring one back to the synthesis level. From matter or material science to energy and information level. Understanding then becomes deep and comprehensive. There is another aspect in my teaching that makes students express what they imbibed through another avenue… through their heart or right brain… through arts and music. Earlier I posted a video produced by some students. Poems are other expressions in the course. Here are three poems by Mark Parducho, after his experience in a big event- Syensaya or Fun Science- where we featured Quantum Agriculture. The posters in pdf version may be seen here…

It is (seed)

In the book, in the box, in the drawer,
On a bread, in the fruit from a flower,
Or even floating on flowing river
These are seeds which we can find everywhere.
It is one of the best blessings from God,
Where complex things are embedded inside.
From a simple little thing to a bud,
Then to a plant where air and light collide.
It could lift our lives from ground to above,
Relieve us from pain to be as free as dove.
It’s a majestic curing that they and us have,
That would become better with our touch of love.
All we knew ‘bout them are not peculiar,
So we try to seek for unfamiliar.
Let’s go beyond our imagination,
And try to break the walls of restriction

What a Seed

The air we breathe, light and heat,
Earth and water these are all we need
Able to mold, construct and build
A mysterious thing we call seed
Rushing water brought the chaos
But through rhythms of the cosmos
It had stabilized all the flaws
Thanks to the different concepts and laws.
Each has its own spirit in line,
But we try to mess with this design
And then we’re committing a crime
By modifying them each time.
We just can’t take them as they are,
Because of our greed and desire.
But it’s not late to start a fire
And make a spark on a rusty wire.


At First… quantum exhibit

At first, it was like a required work
Just like the pairing of spoon and fork,
Until experience had knocked on the door
And let it enter and take my floor
At first, I don’t know what to find
I think I was lost like an abandoned blind,
But there was something that whispered in my mind
That brought me to a spot where spells have bind.
At first…all was at first
Never thought knowledge would burst
Just like a magic breaking a curse
A divine water that relieves my thirst.


Let me also present another student project: Man in the Mirror, a video made by Juni Frio and Zeta Sanchez. The students advocate change starting with self. Education is self-reflection.