New Science

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age by Gregg Braden

The Quantum Activist (2009) Amit Goswami


Nature, Indigenous knowledge and Healing

Way of the ancient healer : sacred teachings from the Philippine ancestral traditions

Anastasia by Vladimir Megré   Other books in the series here-

Entering the Circle: Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist


Physics of the Universe

Discussion on Theory of Everything

Earthdance by Elizabet Sahtouris



Evolution of Consciousness:

Lecture XII: The Evolution of the World in Connection with the Evolution of Man

Lecture VI: The Ruling of Spirit in Nature



Waldorf education is for education as Biodynamics is for agriculture. Here is a talk that is comprehensive and insightful:

Some topics of interest for current class discussions: