We all have that innate longing to know the world. To date, we have been seeing the world predominantly through one reductionist way, and this has diminished our connection to the whole. One of the dimensions articulated in Sustainable Agriculture is holistic, integrative science. But do we have the means to achieve this given our current training in thinking and learning, our mental framework, and our educational background?
Einstein said that… “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So we need a different kind of science to approach scientific inquiry; not the one or from the program that created chemical based, monocropping type agriculture. Let us see how Goethean Science may be of help.
An excerpt of the following articles will give us a glimpse of what it is… Then we see that the mainstream way to science or of knowing the world is a far cry from that which would lead us to the greater and deep truth. It will be a long way to reach the reform that we dream of, but we can start somewhere. Immersing ourselves in nature and in art and doing deep organic agriculture brings us back to the path and be at one with nature. Read more.

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Goethean vs Newtonian Science