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About Owen Barfield as written by Henry Gurr.

Here is an article shared by Nick Perlas; he introduced it in the following words…”the author, Henry Gurr is a professor in physics… he personally met and interviewed David Bohm. His comments reinforce my earlier points about Barfield in general and Barfield’s influence on Bohm’s, who, when he was still alive, was a globally famous articulator of quantum physics. (See Bohm’s classic book on quantum physics: The Implicate Order, which I personally think is one of the most important books on the philosophical implications of quantum physics.)”

How I Was Brought to Discover Owen Barfield. by Henry Gurr, Professor of Physics, University of South Carolina Aiken.I became interested in author Owen Barfield because I was trying to learn more about the “flash of insight” discovery process, the so called “AHA”. I wanted to help my students who became stuck in physics learning. I knew the students often suffered from perceptual blindness or other hang-ups and need help to make learning “break-throughs”. Actually I found much more than I ever imagined!!!!! Here is my path of discovery of Mr. Barfield’s far reaching ideas.My story begins in the 50′s or 60′s with Harold Kelley, an Experimental Chemist and Victor Thayer, a Theoretical Physical Chemist. Kelley and Thayer where scientific co-workers at the notorious Savannah River Plant. This in an Atomic Weapons Production Facility, near Aiken, SC, where I also happened to live. All his life Mr. Thayer was somewhat of a philosopher who, among many other books, had discovered Mr. Barfield’s “Saving Appearances”. He urged Mr. Kelley to read “Saving the Appearances”, stating that was one of the most important books he knew of! Kelley thus became a solid supporter of Barfield. Read more>>