Things have expectedly not settled, new challenges are posed to give way to the birthing of a new form. So here I share with you a biography of myself written in 2008, but reposted here to shed more light as to my context. Thus: My 30 years in UP’s Centennial and Millenial Hallmarks

Biography of humans and organizations

There is an archetypal story in any organism, a biography, a pattern, and that is what I will tell you here. I shall reveal my participation in my own unfolding alongside that of the University of the Philippines. It has been 30 years since I joined its fold (1978-2008), and this period is marked by 2 great events: reaching the centennial hallmark and living the first decade of the 21st century, or the new millennium. I started when UP was 70 years old, when I was barely 21. Now UP is a centenarian and myself starting to live my half century stage. There are expected phenomena commonly experienced in the different “life” stages. These are often unconsciously lived in a life’s journey but to know about them spells a lot of difference in understanding the why’s and the how’s of life’s ups and downs. Thus I offer them here; I also do it because it is my big question: Where’s UP in its 100th year, and in the beginning of another thousand years? Where is UP heading and is it treading the path with consciousness or is it just letting events unfold before itself? In my simple revelation I would like to use the framework of “anthroposophy”, which may be simply defined as the scientific study of human life, wisdom and spirit. Read more here.

Below is my earlier post…

Welcome to my web site. Just a little bit about my initiative to put things in context… My life work has revolved around teaching agriculture, crop science and seed science and technology. In my early life’s journey I was in the path of chemical agriculture (that was our curriculum then). Somehow I was not fully into it; I had some stirrings for the alternative. Eventually I got swept into the Sustainable Agriculture (SA) movement. The many facets of SA further propelled me to deeper approaches, into Ecological Agriculture then to Organic Agriculture. Thus my formal teaching and research as well as community service have been infused with the SA framework. Some 20 years into the journey (or in later part of the 1990’s) I realized that even the deeper forms of SA lacked the power to truly engage people to adopting SA. Their effects were slow and did not effectively translate to consciousness change. While I tried to “walk my talk”, changing lifestyle, having a small natural garden at home, and engaging in self-knowing, my relationship with SA expanded and deepened. I was searching for the root of change, for the synthesis level approach and one that would be simple yet highly effective; something that would elicit a quantum leap. And the answer came… “quantumizing” Sustainable, Ecological and Organic Agriculture! This was around 10 years ago, but only 5 years after that did the term “Quantum Agriculture” come into the picture. I felt reassured when, shortly after, I discovered that the expression is already abundant in the internet. It was affirming, and I also found my kindred spirits there.
The journey expectedly encountered some challenges; despite proof through phenomena and experiments, and presence of well reviewed articles published by reputable scientists, skepticism (even hostility and indifference) was the general mode. But there are searching souls in many places, and this web site is for them. This web’s mission is to let people, especially students and the general public, have a site to visit if they are curious to know more of, or about the “quantum” world, or want to get a glimpse of new frontier science that had already been in human consciousness since the beginning of time. It is also to see what is happening in my sphere. The most recent exhibit called Syensaya for Fun-Science, which was held in the academe (University of the Philippines Los Banos) last July 28-30, 2011, propelled me to have this website. An idea of the Quantum Agriculture exhibit and its contents and intent may be found in the “events” section of this website. I shall work to fill this site with materials that would enliven this framework and dimension. You can help make it more alive with your postings and contribution. Be part of the wave of change!
When discussing SA but more especially Quantum Agriculture, topics can be anything and broad. Let me reiterate too that Agriculture is not only a production process, but also a science (by the narrow and broad definition of science), an art, and one that is inextricably integrated with human culture, which in turn is intimately related to nature and the general environment. Sustainable Agriculture is described to have 7 dimensions, two of which are that 1) it is grounded on holistic, integrative science, and that 2) it is for the full development of human potential. Thus, I passionately seek what is that deep science, that human potential and that deep nature of a human being and NATURE, including God. To know these, however, would certainly be not enough. I go by JW Goethe’s saying that “knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”.
So enjoy the contents, and post your thoughts. Be comforted by the science of belief that if there is sufficient number or critical mass of awake and active people, we can actualize change. The truth of what Margaret Mead said rings strongly in me: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.
Pam Fernandez
“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe