Indigo Children: Indigo Coach and Flower Essence Therapy

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FLOWER ESSENCES: Elixir of Alchemy Everyone knows how important flowers are — for their beauty, their fragrance, their oils in Aromatherapy and perfumes, even sometimes in food. But the most important property of flowers is seldom mentioned: their vibrational essence, and their literal connection to the human electrical system.

This is the true meaning of alchemy: to transmute dross into gold — to transform suffering into joy, pain into learning, dis-ease to health, and darkness into peace and light. Are flower essences capable of doing this? Yes, and more.

Historical Background The first use of flower essences was during the time of Mu (or Lemuria.) The essences of plants and flowers were used to assist souls in the first incarnations of spirit into form on Planet Earth. Because Nature is responsible for the creation of all form from its origins in thought to third dimensional reality, it has always been necessary for proper expression of life in and through form to work in partnership with Nature.

In the beginning, there was no question about how this worked. It was understood throughout all the expressions of life on this plane. And although the first incarnations were not perfectly manifest, all beings learned from the process and life was wonder-full. It was very beautiful on Earth at that time. Many souls who are incarnate now remember that time and wish that we could return to such simplicity.

But we cannot. Everything — all Life — has evolved. The evolutionary process, in fact, has accelerated and will continue to do so. Therefore, we have new choices.

For Lightworkers in particular, there is joyous news: it is still possible to work co-creatively with Nature, with Spirit, to create and co-design form in multiple dimensions, not just the 3rd dimensional reality humans have come to master, but the new ones that we have already entered. It”s a new game, but there are a few tools we get to take with us to use wherever we go. Our partnership with Nature is still there, waiting only for our consciousness to extend fully into awareness of what is possible.

The relationship of humans with Nature has endured many changes on this planet during its evolutionary eons, yet at the etheric or intentional levels, the dynamics or laws that were established in the beginning are still operational and certainly work in 3rd dimension as well as some others. It is the humans who have gained or lost their awareness of the relationship, not Nature who has changed.

The laws still operate whether or not we are conscious of them; obviously, it is to our advantage to remember as much as possible about our relationships with Nature and our original agreements and partnership. It needs to be said that Nature is intelligent, with a capital I. Humans in this age have been particularly arrogant and ill informed. We would do well to return to a respectful partnership with Nature from here on out!

So, the extent to which we can awaken our potential and take up our side of the equation as full partners (rather than our foolish and unsustainable efforts to control Nature) will determine how successful we might become in any given endeavor we undertake on this plane. The extent to which we do not, will ensure our failure.

In the beginning, plant and flower essences were used as “ambient” templates for the forms that the first souls incarnating sought to create for themselves. Nature created the plants first, and in so doing created the rules, or operating systems, that all life forms have basically used since, with evolutionary changes that strengthened and improved the system being added later.

The first use of flower essences on Earth, therefore, helped to create the actual forms and structures of the human body and all its systems. Over time, once the initial patterns had been established, there was no longer such a great need for there to be individual attention to each human body that incarnated; the pattern could continue indefinitely, subject to evolutionary changes and pressures that arose from time to time.

A discussion of the historical relationship between humans and Nature is beyond the scope of this article and would likely use up all the rest of the trees left on this planet to print it on. Suffice it to say, in summary, that flower essences have worked with humans from the very start, that their importance and place in any given society has waxed and waned, and that many indigenous cultures have preserved the ancient wisdom and knowledge about such things unto the present time.

Current Use and Practice of Flower Essence Therapy The “technology” of flower essences currently is use owes much to Dr. Edward Bach, an English homeopath whose sensitivity to the actual essences of plants and flowers led to his rediscovery, understanding, formulation and publishing of his findings in the 1920”s. It is largely his work that is the basis for all current work being done in the field.

That said, there are now some new leaders in this field, notably:

Findhorn, Scotland (
Perelandra, founded by brilliant Nature researcher Machaelle Small Wright
Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA — Pat Kaminski and Richard Katz
Green Hope Farms in New Hampshire — Molly Sheehan
Raven Essences –Andrea Mathieson

It seems worth mentioning that Dr. Edward Bach”s original 38 flower essences and one very useful combination formula (Rescue Remedy) are now produced by many fine companies, and are known by many as “the Bach remedies.” Now, however, instead of only 38 original essences, there are thousands and many combination formulas, reflecting the urgency of new remedies to heal a troubled world.

Some of the finest minds of our time are now working co-creatively with Nature to identify, research and produce essences that answer human dis-ease almost as quickly as humans can create an imbalance. This conscious partnership with Nature is re-establishing some of the “old ways” that were used in the beginning to create form in 3rd dimensional reality. Such co-creative work will help us build, create and sustain the systems and structures we need to safely enter and transverse multiple dimensions, thus fulfilling our current potential and opening even more new possibilities for the Universe and ultimately for all of Life.

How Flower Essences Work Now — A Special Focus for New Children and Their Families
With this background, let us turn to the current use and practice of flower essence therapy especially as it applies to the New Children (Indigos, Crystals and all those with more finely calibrated nervous systems.) To put it simply, flower essences balance the electrical systems of any living organism.

Did you ever wonder why the human body contains such a high percentage of liquid? That”s by design — we need it to conduct the electrical currents throughout our myriad circuits and systems, of which there are millions inside any given body. It”s that electrical current (minute though it is) which provides the energy structure or platform around which all the five elements that create what we call “our body” (actually an aggregate of multiple forms embodied according to individual seed-patterns) and which creates what we call our “electromagnetic field.”

Without going into more detail about this (one could!) let”s just say that with so many layers and interlocking circuits, interacting with an environment in flux and with other organisms both large and infinitely small — a lot can happen to disrupt one or more circuits; what is needed is a simple reconnection.

What is the easiest, fastest, most direct way to reconnect any disrupted circuit in a living organism? Flower essences! For every condition or imbalance, there is a matching flower essence on the planet whose purpose it is to restore that balance. Furthermore, it is not necessary to know which circuit, or where it is located, to repair it; all that is required is to know what is manifesting and what would you rather experience instead. From there, it is a matter of discovering which flower does “that job.”

Alternatively, the correct flower combination may be discovered intuitively, through kinesiology, psychic attunement for the vibrational match, a MAP process (see Perelandra for more information about this process, and to obtain books about it), or any combination of techniques.

As Molly Sheehan, founder of Green Hope Farms, puts it, our restoration to the perfect pattern with which we were born, our evolution, and ascension “is a process of remembering who we have always been and learning to be this truth in balanced, physical form. The Flowers know exactly how to do this. When you take a Flower Essence you are given the Divine wisdom of the Flower, a blueprint for how to manifest this wisdom in form and an actual example of this vibrational energy which your system can then integrate and replicate. You literally give your system a molecular blueprint for being God incarnate.”

So, we see the purpose of flower essences pretty clearly. But why are flower essences such an important tool for the New Kids? Here”s why. Our systems are more sensitive and vulnerable than most, and essences are what Nature created to solve that and keep us in balance. In addition to special dietary and environmental needs for sustaining optimal health, we need flower remedies more than others do. Yoga, meditation, and proper exercise are part of the package too — for some people these things may be merely useful, for New Kids (and adults) they are necessary.

One objection that parents may have, about the alcohol preservatives used in many remedies (some contain as much as 30% brandy, for example), is easily addressed by the other available preservatives you can get from a practitioner, such as white distilled vinegar, vegetable glycerine made from coconuts, or red shiso (my personal favorite) which carries a very high vibration all by itself. Most practitioners offer a choice — be sure to request your preference when ordering.
These are the basic principles. The process of making essences, co-creative work with Nature, and other topics of interest to readers are adequately covered elsewhere. Here is a list of web sites where you can learn more:

All of the above links provide educational materials as well as high quality flower essences. There are of course other providers and sources around the world, and you may wish to do your own research for what your system is calling for, and allow your intuition to guide you. The ones listed here I can recommend and endorse without question; if one of your favorite sources is not listed, don”t worry, I just have not had experience with them and so will not comment.

Special combinations and formulas have been created especially for Indigos, Crystals, and New Kids. Future articles will cover them in depth, one by one, including where to obtain them. For now, please know that flower essences are your indispensable ally for sustaining and restoring balance during rapid change and transformation. Your flower essence practitioner will also usually be able to create custom blended formulas for individuals on request. Flower essences are the elixir of alchemy, secret of the Universe, available to everyone for increasing the Light and spirit of Life and Love.

Nancy Boyd is an Adult Indigo Writer, Life Coach (Coach U Graduate and member of ICF and the Graduate School of Coaching), and Flower Essence Therapist whose vision is a world alight with love and joy.

Nancy”s clients are Cultural Creatives and Indigo kids, teens, adults and their families. You can also access Nancy”s network of trained coaches who work with Indigo kids, teens and adults. For more information, contact Nancy at, or visit her online profile at

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