Quantum is like magic. This is how quantum may be introduced, and this would certainly raise brows esp among the skeptics. Let us focus on the non-skeptics… they would certainly say “surely!” or “oh yeah?” While more people are now using the word, or wearing/using some sort of quantum power (as in those scalar pendants, biodiscs, amulets of sorts), quantum is still not common language. If you want an introduction, visit some sites, such as this one…

The Magic of Quantum



Here is a favorite chart that I found therein: Quantum Quiz . This may also be found in my article: https://quantum-agri-phils.com/Pseudoscience.pdf


Quantum Quiz for the Lay wo-man












Above is very different from the quantum quiz and quantum mechanics and quantum physics which you may want to glance on…



What phenomena are there that are in the quantum domain, where a quantum leap (instantaneous- or almost, from small to huge effect, muti-dimensional, wide coverage, etc) may be manifested? Here is a sample…

  • žHimasmo (anti-pasma)
  • žCooking meat with posporo o tinidor/metal to hasten tenderizing
  • žAntidotes to Venomous bite, žDurian smell, žPepper hotness, Stings from hairy plants, Allergies from eating the wrong food, Ashing/peppering of pests
  • Like cures like principle, Homeopathy
  • Anthroposophic medicinežž
  • Cockroach for healing/medicine
  • žBreached babies as healers
  • Cat’s paw for tinik or bone stuck in mouth
  • žWater dowsing
  • žInviting or casting away wind, water/rain, etc
  • žDriving away negative forces with special objects, substances (salt, alum, etc), plants, seeds, words, symbols
  • žSumpa in Bisaya (pangontra in Tagalog)
  • žAnting-anting (protector, amulet)
  • žLumay (gayuma)
  • žBarang (Kulam)
  • žTotho, lawayan
  • žPalina (luop)
  • Sireno (exposing raw egg, kalamansi, etc to treat persistent coughs, etc.
  • žMany many more!!!

Don’t even try to explain it scientifically if your science cannot go beyond the materialisitc  level. One need to invoke the energy and information aspects of what is to be able to provide a gross explanation of phenomena.

Here is a chart presenting  the difference between Quantum and the older Science:

Quantum vs Ordinary Science












The comeback of Scientific Method is a’la Leonardo da Vinci… artist, philosopher, scientist proceeds like this…

™First I shall test by experiment before I proceed farther, because my intention is to consult experience first and then with reasoning show why such experience is bound to operate in such a way. And this is the first true rule by which those who analyse the effects of nature must proceed: and although nature begins with the cause and ends with the experience, we must follow the opposite course, namely begin with the experience, and by means of its investigate the cause.


If you get inspired to read something about what is going on out there, here is a book that you may be able to download, by Donald DeGracia:












Later… my powerpoint on Quantum Agriculture