Cancer healed naturally

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Spontaneous regression: Surviving cancer against the odds

Why people can’t heal

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Caroline Myss, Why People Don’t Heal:


Caroline Myss, Why People Don’t Heal Lecture Excerpt:


Her one of the many writings/book:

Elisabet Sahtouris: Living Better on a Hotter Planet



Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris is an internationally known evolution biologist, futurist, author and professor, teaching sustainable business and globalisation as a natural evolutionary process and organizing international symposia on the foundations of science. Read more

Biodynamic farming as contributor to sustainability and climate protection

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FULDA (NNA) – Around 5,600 agricultural establishments in over 50 countries worldwide are applying biodynamic principles on approximately 145,000 hectares. These figures were revealed by Demeter International on occasion of its annual conference which this year was held in Loheland near Fulda in Germany. The revenue generated by these establishments through the production of Demeter products is estimated to be about 220 million euros (£192m; US$317m), Demeter added. Read more

Life after death

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A new wave of change is here. This wave permeates all aspects of human and earth existence. On the other hand, new knowledge is being revealed and new tools are being developed to answer current challenges: illnesses, pests and diseases, climate changes, calamities, etc. Approaches have been 2-pronged: one hangs on to the old mechanistic reductionist model, the other explores what is beyond that, as well as the fundamental role of human beings in addressing all these challenges in a synthesis way. Einstein’s premise is that we cannot find solution to our problems with approaches that come from the same framework that created the problem in the first place. These solutions must be coming from outside the box. And that outside the box space has been there all along, among ancient practices and teachings, and is now confirmed by the new science of “quantum”.