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Plants respond to Sound, Music

We have heard countless stories from local folks, maybe even from our own parents and grandparents, that plants respond to music or sound. Some of you might have experienced this yourself. There are videos that show this. One early work that I had watched is The Secret Life of Plants

One recent article find on the subject is from Topics below are in that article:

How do plants respond to music, sound frequencies or harmonic sound waves

The Effects of Variable Sound Frequencies on Plant Growth and Development

Experiments from India shows increase in yield of Rice 

Vedic music from India to Harmonize the Environment and increase Rice Yields 

French Physicist discovered music, plant and protein biosynthesis relation

They are of great interest to one who wants to further improve crop performance, or who simply wants know if indeed there is a science to talking or singing/playing music to plants. Some researchers or enthusiasts have recorded the sound that plants make and are intrigued by this phenomenon (for example-

Sound from the plant and sound to the plant… that is resonance at play. Then there is this other interesting phenomenon… the effect of sound of animals like birds, insects and frogs on plant physiology. Gadgets like the sonic bloom are being offered to enhance the effect ( Quantumizing agriculture thus includes utilizing sound and promoting biodiversity so plants (and animals) grow better.

The Science behind sound effect on living organisms and in agriculture is well presented in the article “The effects of sound on living organisms. Applications in agriculture” written by Yannick Van Doorne, ECOSONIC.


Here is another article that might be of interest and which lends credence to the science of sound and its effect on plants- “French Physicist Creates New Melodies – Plant Songs” .


An here is a blog that I encountered reposting effect of sound in different plants and seeds, esp on dandelion:

In the Philippines I have been recently introduced to John Lesaca ( ). He is a violinist who uses classical music to stimulate the growth of his organic veggies on his farm in Malvar, Batangas. He uses music to enhance the growth not only of his veggies but also of his free range chicken in his commercial farm.

Limits of Perception full documentary on Science Channel


Very interesting video to help improve and deepen our understanding of the world.

“We are surrounded by mysterious worlds. Worlds hidden from us by their sizes, too small or too large to be noticed. But now it’s possible to see these worlds. What’s changed our perceptions? Technology; extending our natural senses, taking us on a remarkable journey from our own world through strange parrallel worlds down to the smallest and up to the largest elements of creation…”

Pocahontas’ Colors of the Wind in Filipino

In one of the subjects that I teach students prepare some video to relate to the course and to their own talent and interest.

Here is one that Zeta Sanchez produced with her groupmates  Desiree Orence and Astrud Cabuscabus. Each student and the collective/group pose as a seed of change, the seed being the actual seed (as the class is on Seed Technology), or the person/s as agent/s of change. The Filipinized lyric is as follows:

Kulay ng Hangin
(Filipino-Tagalog translation of Pocahontas’ Theme Song: Colors of the Wind)
Translated by Zeta Sanchez
Inspired by the video “Home”

Akala mo’y sa ’yo ang lahat ng bagay
Mundo’y masasabi mo ng patay
Mga ilog, dagat dati’y kay linis
At ngayon, kay itim na at dumi

Kalbong bundok ngayon ang makikita
Na dati’y luntian at kay ganda
Mga hayop ngayon ay wala na
Di ba nga tayo rin ang may gawa?

Naririnig mo ba’ng pagtangis ng bituin sa gabi
Kasabay ng kalungkutan ng buwan
Hinanaing ng bawat isa sa ami’y pakinggan
Sa hangin ibubulong itong hiling
Na’ng ang dasal sa langit ay makarating

Ulan man o lupa’y ating karamay
Mga isda’t ibon ay kaibigan
Bawat buhay sa mundo ay may ugnayan
Sa isa’t-isa na di mapuputol nino man

Ang ‘yong mata ay imulat na
Kumilos ka’t baguhin ang ‘yong sarili

At hindi na liligalig ang bituin at buwan
Mga dasal nati’y pinakinggan
Baguhin ang sarili’t buksan ang isipan
Sa hangin ibinulong itong hiling
Na ang tao’y alisin sa silid na madilim
Upang masagip ng tao ang mundo

TEDx Brussels 2010 – Lynne McTaggart – Can collective intentions make things happen?

Living Better on a Hotter Planet

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A new wave of change is here. This wave permeates all aspects of human and earth existence. On the other hand, new knowledge is being revealed and new tools are being developed to answer current challenges: illnesses, pests and diseases, climate changes, calamities, etc. Approaches have been 2-pronged: one hangs on to the old mechanistic reductionist model, the other explores what is beyond that, as well as the fundamental role of human beings in addressing all these challenges in a synthesis way. Einstein’s premise is that we cannot find solution to our problems with approaches that come from the same framework that created the problem in the first place. These solutions must be coming from outside the box. And that outside the box space has been there all along, among ancient practices and teachings, and is now confirmed by the new science of “quantum”.