New science or that which resides beyond matter and subtler than magnets, electromagnets and other known forces, is now for our grabbing; formerly only very few know about them. Great challenges that confront us can no longer be effectively solved by old approaches, no matter how hard we try. We don’t have the luxury of time. Earth is nearing its “tipping point”. We have ran out of solutions to address global, societal, health concerns, and we are merely doing treadmill approaches in solving our problems. We need to do something that is truly effective, strategic or has wide and deep impact, is fast-acting, and multidimensional in effect, BUT so simple and uses or takes so little. In short, we need to do a quantum leap; we need to harness the power of the small and the invisible. Quantum is now used in generic terms, to refer to something extraordinarily small, invisible, undiscernable to many, but contains so much power to form or to destroy. In physics it is about that which lies beyond matter, inside the atoms, and which is attuned to that which is in the cosmos. In other sciences, it is about the formative fields and organizing forces.

Indeed, if we are seeking long term, effective, root-based approaches in healing our illnesses, including that of the mind, and of the earth, we only need open to the hidden powers of nature and the human beings. The internet is replete with new discoveries in quantum: in the realms of astrophysics, neuropsychology, brain science, epigenetics, new biology, green chemistry, etc. What is left for us to do is to embrace these and use these for our grand purpose as earth guardians. The fundamental truth is that all our problems and solutions reside in humans, in our consciousness, in the things that we are conditioned to believe and live by (remember the saying, watch your thoughts, they become your destiny? Science now can explain this). Science, philosophy, religion all give us truths to guide our actions, but of the three, science is the most dominant force at this point in time. The quantum approach of healing through the “like cures like” principle finds application in Syensaya. Through Syensaya or fun-science, we redeem what is lost and harness quantum power to relink science to greater humanity.

The visitors in the Quantum section of Syensaya will enter the world of subtle energies and information patterns that abound and persist in the universe. They are given experience (and information; shown samples) on quantum power on and in plants, animals, humans, and the elements of nature (earth, water, air and fire); also that of sound, thoughts, and movement. A number of quantum agriculture time tested models will be presented (e.g., Biodynamics of Anthroposophy and Agnihotra-Homa Therapy of the Vedas). But how may they reach the attention of the people? They must be experienced and appreciated first.

To experience in a fun and inspiring way is to effectively know, understand, and get motivated to action. We need to enter the door of knowledge to enter the door of beauty and learning through art and heart is the most effective way. Time and again it has been shown that the heart of the revolution is the revolution of the heart. Humans are programmed to quest for something new, for secrets and mysteries, and for beauty, and the heart is the powerhouse of human soul and spirit to achieve this quest. All these are in nature, human beings themselves, and in Quantum Syensaya. Trust then that there is a comprehensive solution to climate change, ozone hole, radioactivity, low productivity, pests and diseases, hard to cure illnesses, apathy, cynicism, and many more. Quantum power is for our taking; but only when we learn it in the most inspiring and quantum way.


Pam Fernandez, PhD
Professor, Crop Science Cluster
UP Los Banos