Sacred Geometry, the Heart… they are about Quantum Agriculture

Quantum Agriculture is about sacred geometry or formative force. Without such organizing or life force, we would have nothing. Such force is derived from the “information” realm, turned into “energy” then into substance or matter. I got inspired by the book  “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe. The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science” by Michael Schneider. HarperCollins Publisher, NY, 1995. It presented Math so beautifully and clearly. If only this is used as resource in the mainstream education curriculum. I learned about the book in my searching for Waldorf books for our daughter. Quotes have power; they also inspire and illuminate. It is in that light that I put them together and share here . There is a lot of inspiring information and truths one may obtain from the quotes alone. The book is left and right brain combined… a good way to integrate art into natural science and other fields. Visit this site for more info or related materials: . This too. Free download here:

And I found this site which gives more sacred geometry quotes:, if you want to read more…

Nature’s sacred geometry may be gleaned from patterns of growths and shapes of everything on earth. Here is a short video that gives us the math and geometry of nature- “Nature by Numbers”:

Sacred Geometry and the Heart

I did a deeper dive into Sacred Geometry after I attended a highly inspiring workshop-lecture given by Frank Chester (

He talked about the heart and the 7-sided figure that he discovered (heptahedron which he calls the chestahedron) and which relates to the shape and function of the heart, the earth, the sensing abilities of animals and many more. Such figure may be transformed so that a quantum cleansing of water may be achieved (not by mere filtration but through subtle energy process of transubstantiation), through the chestahedron vortex generator. Some sites to visit on this subject are:;  - A New Understanding of the Geometry of the Earth. The work of Frank Chester Part II

“The Fifth Chamber of the Heart” is an intriguing article which says that the heart is developing a new capacity… and that is to sense the etheric realm… Frank Chester expounded on this here .

If you wish to read my notes from that lecture, click here.  I also prepared a powerpoint on the subject for the MISSION group who at that time will host him in Cebu, and for my classes (click here).


Another person who is much into the heart and sacred geometry is Gregg Braden.  Watch for example the video about the heart, its resonance with world processes, and the Field: Ancient Understanding of the Heart Field Gregg Braden

A friendof mine (Jean D) reacted to this video this way: It just resonates so loudly in me inasmuch as presently I’ve been reading and practicing what Dr. Alex Loyd called as “The Healing Code.” I just bought his book and what he says jibes with the role of quantum energy in the field of medicine. Solomon, the wise man from the Old Testament said in Proverbs 4:23 – “Guard your heart above all else, for out of it are the issues of life” and Prof. William Tiller of Stanford University said “future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.” The Healing Code as a means of healing what ails us is a healing of the heart issues, first and foremost before physical healing takes place. Braden is right and proven too by this Healing Code that “when the heart and the head conflict, the winner is the heart.”

Other inspiring video of Gregg Braden:

Awakening to Zero Point   – Part 1/2 Part 2/2

Fractal Time (interview)…  

The Field, Miracles & Heart Emotions:

Then I found this quote from the site of Jeff Andrews: ”The study of geometry, which descends to us from Pythagoras, is a meditation on the harmony of the cosmic order, and it is a meditation upon music. If you meditate upon geometry instead of just learning it in a linear way, you can actually hear the music of the spheres, because the geometric forms will key the eye and the ear to the inner sound. Every line that you draw,…you have the carryover from the spiritual octaves to the physical …. So geometry, and mathematics and calculus, make the transition from the concrete to the non-concrete. It is one of the highest studies that anyone can pursue. In fact, whenever I study these fields I am so impressed by the scientific information that comes tumbling down from the higher octaves. And at one point as I was meditating on these areas, there was so much information coming, that I determined to direct my attention away from it because I realized that the world was not ready for that teaching; there was far too much power in the understanding of the universe. And there it is, very plainly and very simply there, for anyone who can make the attunement. ” If you want to see  beautiful photos of sacred geometry in nature and beyond, visit his site-

Here is an article on the heart’s own brain and consciousness for more thoughts on the intelligence and power of the heart.

Back to Quantum Agriculture … here we know culture, nature and deep science are intertwined. The heart’s sacred geometry is in every aspect of nature and the cosmos. The heart is where true transformation begins: The Heart of the Revolution is the Revolution of the Heart. If this is true then we can approach agriculture through the heart, which is also more intelligent than the head brain. From the heart we can intuit various ways to help agriculture and heal the earth. Many approaches to do these and that are “quantum” have already been found, and many are already practiced since the beginning of time.

 Other learning sites on Sacred Geometry: Sacred Geometry. All of Creation is moving light Understanding Sacred Geometry and its Meaning in New Science The Healing Wisdom of Sacred Geometry: Where Science and Spirit Meet

DNA alteration with words, etc. and Farmers’ contribution to Genetic Diversity and Crop Breeding

In agriculture we have a field called breeding, such as plant breeding. There are newer thoughts on the science of producing new combinations of genes so new types (forms or varieties) can come out. Breeding has proceeded to more high-tech approaches (i.e., beyond genetic engineering or biotechnology), to using nanotechnology, synthetic biology with the aid of computers or information technology. But there are more natural and simpler approaches, and they can be old or more modern. There is so much research coming out now regarding the true natue and function of DNAs and genes. This is not difficult to imagine if we subscribe to the claim that the half-life of molecular biology is 6 months; half of what is taken as true becomes obsolete in less than a year!

Infusing the area or farm with consciousness, thoughts and word or sounds, even symbols or information could change the nature of genes which can be heritable. Bruce Lipton has written books and articles on this, specifically referring to epigenetics and the biology of belief.

Some interviews of Bruce Lipton may be found below:

Here is a sample video of his talk-


Some breeders and practitioners use some gadgets in the farm to create a condition that may change the vibration of DNAs, for example by using field broadcasters (e.g., ).

Biodynamic atmospheres have also been reported to generate new types; and this may also be true of other practices (e.g., Homa farming) where some quantum energy had been imprinted in the area.

Here is a link to the article on the malleability of DNAs using words- .

Here is another article

Scientist Proves DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies


There are many unconventional, and some even are traditional, methods of crop improvement. Many initiatives are in Europe but these are mostly published in non-English language. My network of friends (e.g., in GRAIN)  has given me some sites where we may see that organic plant breeding is biodynamic breeding and more, and that the movement to do alternative breeding is getting stronger. The work is often tied up to the conservation of heirloom varieties or to peasant based seed saving. The following were kindly shared by my friend Renee V, and readers might pick up something from them, if interested in the subject:

European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding

Farmers Seeds / Farmers Rights Campaign (this is a network of good groups – some material is in English)

Arche Noah (Austrian group with an English page)

BEDE (French group with an English page and documents you can request)

International Seed Day Greece (it’s in English)

Slow Food (they have a global initiative on biodiversity and breeding)

Irish Seed Savers (it’s in English)

Planet Diversity 2008 (materials from a huge int’l conference organised by German friends in 2008)

Now there are also initiatives that are more from the formal sector and which parallel conventional breeding. One movement is about “participatory plant breeding”. The core is to involve farmers in breeding and selection, and to let them in at an earlier stage in the breeding work (i.e., in the F2 generation). Check out the article of S Ceccarelli on “Evolution, Plant Breeding and Biodiversity” –

What would be considered “quantum” when farmers are participating in the process is having the elements of creativity, consciousness, intention and energy. They also sing or talk to the plants, do offering along with some ritualistic performances. Their seed management, which includes careful crop selection and deliberate crossing, is strongly linked to other aspects of their  living and culture. We can learn from their approaches in crop breeding and genetic management. Most innovative approaches may be found among farmers in Europe, where also the organic movement is very strong. The involvement of farmers in the spectrum of seed systems and seed program development esp in Europe is freshly discussed in the article “Seed Diversity, Farmers’ Rights, and the Politics of Re-peasantization” by Elisa Da Via- . On the other hand the IFOAM uses Biodynamics principles in the criteria of organic plant and animal breeding ( .

My students 5 years back did a submission on “Applying Biodynamics in Organic Seed System” (read here). Therein some “quantum” (specifically biodynamics) techniques on seed management and breeding are given.

More next time.

Pam Fernandez

The Four Ethers – gateway to deep understanding of “Quantum” approaches

One must delve into the discussion of the reality beyond our 5 senses or ordinary reality- of the four ethers, for example. There are some materials in the internet that offer an elaboration of the four ethers. One is a site on Phenomenology of Tom Van Gelder Get started on the discussion on ethers from the site mentioned, but remember that the topic may take sometime to make full sense, esp for one who is new in the subject of subtle energy or spiritual science (e.g., Anthroposophy):

The Four Ethers

Whereas you can perceive the elements as external phenomena, you can’t perceive the ethers directly. You can, however, perceive their effects through the elements. The elements are found on earth; they are bound to it and attracted to it. This is most clearly the case for the solid element, least so for the warmth element.

The opposite is true for the ethers. They arise from the environment and their effect runs counter to that of the earth’s gravitation. They work from the cosmos, and attract earthly matter. An example of such an ether working from the cosmos is light. You can observe the force of light when a seed germinates into a plant, which starts to grow and elongate upwards, breaks through the asphalt surface and grows towards the light. The plant grows away from the earth and towards the light, that is, towards the cosmos. Light gives the plant power to overcome gravity. The etheric force overcomes the weight of material substance.

There are four types of ether: warmth ether, light ether, chemical or tone ether and life ether:

  • Warmth ether is the etheric side of warmth: the inner, impulse-creating warmth or the warmth of enthusiasm that occurs as the intention that underlies actions. Its elemental counterpart is fire, or externally perceivable warmth. Warmth ether and warmth as an element are closely related.
  • Light ether illuminates everything and makes all material things visible. It is also the force which makes plants grow upwards and makes people stand and walk upright. Light ether corresponds to the air element.
  • Chemical or tone ether is the force that structures the development of phenomena and can be seen, for instance, in the natural succession of plant communities. Chemical ether corresponds to the water element.
  • Life ether is the force that makes an object and its environment appear as a unified whole. It is the force that unifies an object’s course of life. Life ether corresponds to the earth element.

Continue reading here-

A Waldorf education mentor and friend, Horst Hellmann shared his article/notes- “Imaginative Thinking and the Four Ethers” (may read here). It is very insightful and calls for transformed educational approach and content such that students are made aware of the “forces” beyond the physical, and experience awe and wonder and reverence and gratitude toward nature. We need start this early or students become too calcified and earth-bound, and disregard the greater truth of things, nature and of humans. Then they also become incapacitated to harness their own imagination and creativity, which are necessary to meet current challenges in society and the world. The 4 ethers, when internalized, could lead us to greater understanding of why certain seemingly unscientific or superstitious practice do work. That includes plants responding to sound and movement.



Quantum Agriculture on Radio and an Exploration on Pseudoscience

Students’ Exploration on “Quantum Agriculture” on Radio, and my Exploration on “Pseudoscience”

Let me share with you what transpired here at UPLB last March 21, 2012. Development Communication students set up a panel discussion in their radio program “Do you AGRI?”.  The panelists were myself (considered agriculture scientist and promoting Quantum Agriculture), a Physics professor, and two undergraduate students pursuing fields in Agribiotech and Applied Physics. The proceedings may be  read here.

or heard here    (contracted version, in mixed language).

Students are asking … what is this “Quantum Agriculture” organism that people in campus are talking about? Some gladly receive it, while others seem perplexed, if not disturbed, and a number say that it is “PseudoScience” or not True Science (“suds” or science ?). It is indeed healthy to be skeptical because this attitude can be the beginning of deepening of one’s truth. I tend to be one, too, but can’t resist my inclination toward indigenous practices and knowledge systems. I am always intrigued with the science of “unexplained”, “amazing” or “out-of-the-box” practices and phenomena, especially in agriculture. Only later did I realize that these concepts and practices are labeled “pseudoscience” by some sectors or individuals. I feel confident, however, that the scientific explanations will continue to be revealed. Indeed, science is discovering new things that bring many of those in the list of pseudoscience their due “true science” status. In fact, many practices or concepts have already been taken off the list of Pseudoscience as scientific knowledge grew, and as scientists came to accept them. Thus, what would be more productive now is not to argue who or what is right but to try to understand that there is a more expanded definition of science, that science evolves and has a half-life, that it is not neutral, and that knowledge may be obtained through other processes. Read more here:

Prayer in a Song has Power

This is just to share a prayer song and a rendetion of it by my student Zeta and my daughter Gayle… The song is entitled “Mga Anak ng Hangin” (Children of the Wind) composed by Ma. Angelica Dayao, a brilliant multi-talented musician, teacher, and composer, who also gathered the scattered individual student-musicians in campus and came up with a beautiful string orchestra at UPLB. The academe has been enlivened by their performances. This is fresh news and welcome development in the academe which is predominantly left-brained. Translation later.

Mga Anak ng Hangin – Jam Cover by Zeta Derikka Sanchez

Mga Anak ng Hangin – Acapella cover by Zeta Derikka Sanchez

The lyrics are as follows:

Mga Anak ng Hangin

Naririnig mo ba kami aming Bathala?
Sa mga hampas ng alon sa lambat
Sa taghoy ng araro at ng kalan
Sa mga siwang ng bubong at dingding
Laganap ang lason sa daigdig
Naghihingalo ang ating panaginip
Ang sambayanan ay naghihirap
Walang awit ang mga pangarap
Kami ang mga anak ng hangin
Tagapagdala ng mga hinaing
Ng sangkatauhang ngayo’y humihiling
Na ang kanilang dasal ay dinggin
Sa bitak na lupa ng tagtuyot
 Sa dagundong ng baha at ng bulkan
Sa mga pasmadong katig at layag
Ng mga bangkang nilamon ng laot
Ulitin ang koda, at koro (2x)


I find this prayer, rendered in a song, to create a wonderful atmosphere in my talks about quantum agriculture. Other prayers and mode of presentation should do… what is important is to have that intention to be grateful and acknowledge the forces of nature that help create the openness and learning atmosphere. The science of prayer, sound, and intention in creating a favorable environment and response from the living things has been presented earlier.

Pam Fernandez


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A new wave of change is here. This wave permeates all aspects of human and earth existence. On the other hand, new knowledge is being revealed and new tools are being developed to answer current challenges: illnesses, pests and diseases, climate changes, calamities, etc. Approaches have been 2-pronged: one hangs on to the old mechanistic reductionist model, the other explores what is beyond that, as well as the fundamental role of human beings in addressing all these challenges in a synthesis way. Einstein’s premise is that we cannot find solution to our problems with approaches that come from the same framework that created the problem in the first place. These solutions must be coming from outside the box. And that outside the box space has been there all along, among ancient practices and teachings, and is now confirmed by the new science of “quantum”.