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The science behind them…


New science or that which resides beyond matter and subtler than magnets, electromagnets and other known forces, is now for our grabbing; formerly only very few know about them. Great challenges that confront us can no longer be effectively solved by old approaches, no matter how hard we try. We don’t have the luxury of time. Earth is nearing its “tipping point”. We have ran out of solutions to address global, societal, health concerns, and we are merely doing treadmill approaches in solving our problems. We need to do something that is truly effective, strategic or has wide and deep impact, is fast-acting, and multidimensional in effect, BUT so simple and uses or takes so little. In short, we need to do a quantum leap; we need to harness the power of the small and the invisible. Quantum is now used in generic terms, to refer to something extraordinarily small, invisible, undiscernable to many, but contains so much power to form or to destroy. In physics it is about that which lies beyond matter, inside the atoms, and which is attuned to that which is in the cosmos. In other sciences, it is about the formative fields and organizing forces. Read more

How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains [And The Best Way to Fight Back]

More for posting… something about food… For our continued search on the why’s of eating…


I’d like to share something I’m a little embarrassed to admit.

When I used to hear someone complain they couldn’t lose weight,
I thought it was because they weren’t trying hard enough.

I assumed they just didn’t have enough willpower or self discipline.

I was dead wrong.

Now I know if you are still struggling…it’s NOT because of your metabolism, your willpower or even your genetics.

It is because the food industry has literally tricked our brains into
overeating through chemistry…

This sounds strange (and scary) but there is actually an Institute of Food
Technologists that study how to actually reprogram the brain through “hyperpalatable” foods…

Yes, with its ability to create super-stimuli, the industry has cracked the code of conditioned hyper-eating and learned exactly how to manipulate our eating behavior.

They then combine “texture science” to really put us over the edge.

Did you ever notice how easy it is to chew food these days?

It is because they literally pre-process foods and then add fat so the food literally melts in our mouths. What used to take over 25 bites just 30 years ago, now only takes 10 bites for the average American.

And you wonder why we are all getting so much fatter! In my experience, even the people I meet who are at a good weight… still think about food virtually all of the time.

So even those of us who “know better” still have been hard wired to crave these foods high in sugar, fat, and salt. Research shows the brain responds just like having a drug addiction…

How to fight back, and get the body you deserve…
In researching this, I discovered that just being aware of the issue is usually not enough.

This conditioning is really strong, and lies deep in our unconscious minds.

So it is not surprising that what appears to be getting the best results in “undoing” this programming and helping people eat the natural, healthy foods we have evolved to eat is medical hypnosis.

This is because hypnosis is the science of changing deep unconscious behaviors… and in the field of weight loss, the results are undisputable. In a meta analysis of hypnosis versus non hypnosis groups – groups who used hypnosis lose over twice the amount of weight as compared to non hypnosis groups – and this is long term.

The program I recommend

There is a home use program by Dr. Roberta Temes (the author of the hypnosis textbook used in medical schools) that is getting people undeniable results in the fight against bad foods.

Over 53,000 people have now used this program, and the success rate is a little over 9 out of 10.

That is why well known doctors like Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Joel Furhman all recommend this specific program to their patients and readers who need to control their cravings.

It works by undoing the habits causing you to be overweight, and creating new habits that lead to creating a healthy body.

And if you read the hundreds of reviews…

You will see that eating right becomes almost effortless, so you can get on with your life and stop thinking about food! There are definitely more important things to be focused on…


So I think giving this a try is simply a no brainer.

By the way, I have talked to the publisher and aside from having an A+ rating with the BBB (not one complaint in over 6 years) – they agreed to allow you to test drive the program for just $5.95 so you could find out for yourself just how effective it will be when you click the link below.

Take the Test Drive Now <— Private offer for BeWellBuzz SubscribersYours For Radiant Health,
Larry Oz
BeWellBuzz Editor

P.S. Please make sure to read the reviews, they are all certified by a third party. And please get back with me as to your results.

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

This is really powerful. I watched it some time ago, but got refreshed after watching it again. Timely too. This morning I was in a class and the discussion there was on the same topic, more or less. I find this very good to share with students.

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A new wave of change is here. This wave permeates all aspects of human and earth existence. On the other hand, new knowledge is being revealed and new tools are being developed to answer current challenges: illnesses, pests and diseases, climate changes, calamities, etc. Approaches have been 2-pronged: one hangs on to the old mechanistic reductionist model, the other explores what is beyond that, as well as the fundamental role of human beings in addressing all these challenges in a synthesis way. Einstein’s premise is that we cannot find solution to our problems with approaches that come from the same framework that created the problem in the first place. These solutions must be coming from outside the box. And that outside the box space has been there all along, among ancient practices and teachings, and is now confirmed by the new science of “quantum”.